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Into Xenitha Y. Emery

Into Xenitha

Y. Emery

Published January 6th 2014
Kindle Edition
176 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jack Adams owns a second hand shop. One day after having an old oak table delivered amongst some other items of furniture, he notices a message carved into the surface of the table. After closer examination he realises that this is the first clue to a quest, which after being copied down magically disappears.He later meets a dwarf named Trobate, who tells him that he, his granddaughter Abigail and her best friend Ethan will have to leave their world and enter his world called Xenitha. Once there they must help Trobate, with the aid of Driskoll, Erskine and Finbarr, who are Forest Dwellers and an ignitia bird named Ezra, to find the enchanted gown that belongs to the goddess Ophelia, who once ruled Xenitha before she was cursed turning her to stone.They have to travel far and wide meeting new friends along the way and also do battle with the yarkas and the bazelfangs. They are up against Morgana the evil sorceress who put the curse on the goddess Ophelia. Only Ophelia’s enchanted gown can save her, but Morgana will stop at nothing to get her own hands on the gown, as she believes it will give her the ultimate power to rule over Xenitha.