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Before Takeoff Folake Henshaw

Before Takeoff

Folake Henshaw

Published November 11th 2011
Kindle Edition
62 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

HOW PREPARED ARE YOU FOR THE LIFELONG TRIP YOU WANT TO EMBARK ON?THIS JOURNEY WILL TAKE A LIFE TIME, ARE YOU READY?HAVE YOU GOT ALL YOU NEED BEFORE TAKEOFF?Experience shows that “long haul flights require more preparation than short flights, especially ifyou’re leaving for awhile or going overseas. Preparation is the key to enjoying both a comfortable flyingexperience and to ensuring that you arrive at your desti nati on with everything needed. Along with agood sense of humor and some stamina, not only will good preparation help you to ease into a rhythmfrom the moment you leave your house to getting through airport lines and enduring the long flight, butthe more ways you have prepared to occupy yourself, the better!”One of the things you will definitely do early on is to check for, and buy the right ticket. Doing this will giveyou a degree of certainty that you will arrive at your required destinati on.If this is the case with a relatively simple thing such as long distance travel, how much more is adequatepreparation necessary before you commit yourself to another person in MARRIAGE.Before Takeoff , will help with the necessary steps needed in preparati on for the the lifelong journeycalled marriage, and guide you in making the right choices. With wisdom, Folake Henshaw offers time-provenadvice and valuable suggestions to help you get it right first time.Marriage is meant to be enjoyed. You too can become part of the group that do enjoy their marriage. Youonly need to be ready before takeoff !